3-D Cone Beam X-Rays

When technology allows us to provide our patients with a higher level of dental care, we invest in it! Our investment in technology is part of our commitment to you and the level of care you deserve. 

We offer 3-D cone beam technology in our Bloomington, IN dental office so we can provide you with more accurate, efficient, and successful dentistry.

3-D cone beam technology is a type of x-ray that takes hundreds of images very quickly. It then uses software to overlay the images, giving us a 3-D image of your teeth, jaw, and jaw joints. This 3-D image is especially useful in the planning and placement of dental implants, planning wisdom teeth extractions, and determining the best treatment for TMJ (jaw joint) problems.

Dental Implant Placement

The success of your dental implants depends largely upon their accurate placement. Thanks to 3-D cone beam technology, we can identify the densest part of the bone to give your dental implant the stability it needs to provide many years of reliable service.

We can also use 3-D imaging to avoid sinuses and the roots of adjacent teeth. With the use of 3-D imaging, we may even be able to avoid additional treatments such as bone grafting and sinus lifts.

Dental Extraction Planning

When you need to have your wisdom teeth removed, planning your surgery before we even get started allows us to give you better results and faster treatment. Using 3-D cone beam images, we can clearly see how your wisdom teeth are rooted in your jaw bone, determine whether they are close to adjacent teeth or roots, and plan for their removal – all while avoiding other biological structures.

By planning your treatment before we even begin, we provide more efficient treatment and improved healing times.

TMJ Diagnosis and Treatment

Your bite, teeth, jaw, and bone have an intricate relationship. The more we can understand about the way your teeth come together, the health of your jaw joints, and your bone levels, the better we can provide you with the appropriate treatment necessary to provide relief from jaw pain, headaches, neck pain, and swelling.

3-D cone beam technology combined with Sirona virtual jaw tracking software gives us the best overview of how your upper and lower jaw relate and how we can improve that relationship so you experience relief for your symptoms. We often use splint therapy (night guards) or occlusal equilibration (bite adjustment) to treat TMJ symptoms.

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